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Family Dentistry

Experienced Family Dentistry in Drexel Hill

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When it comes to your family’s dental health, having a dental team you can trust with your whole family is invaluable for your health, lifestyle, and peace of mind. At Radomile Family Dental Care, our experienced dentists have looked after families of all kinds across Drexel Hill and the surrounding communities. Dr. Mark Radomile and Dr. John Radomile, Jr. are passionate about helping everyone in your family enjoy healthy, confident smiles, and our tailored services will ensure that everyone gets the care they need.

Whether your family needs a home for advanced care or routine visits, our team is ready to help! Contact us today to learn how we can help your smile!


Benefits of Visiting a Family Dentist

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If you’ve never visited a family dentist before, you may be surprised to hear of all the advantages this type of dentist can offer. Family dentists not only offer the same preventive care and treatment as a general dentist, but they also understand the unique needs and challenges that come with different life stages. A family dentist can provide personalized care for a growing toddler just as well as an aging senior, ensuring that the entire family’s needs are equally met.

With a family dentist, you have a single, familiar team and location you can trust to care for everyone in your family. This makes coordinating care and accommodating busy schedules much easier. Being able to see the whole family also allows our dentists to see patterns in dental needs affected by genetics or lifestyle factors, helping them to tailor your care and potentially prevent problems, especially with the youngest family members.

Child-Focused Dental Care

At Radomile Family Dental Care, we offer specialized dental care for growing children from the age of two and up. We know how critical a child’s dental development is, and we take care to monitor them closely and provide preventive care to protect their growing smile. We also strive to make every visit positive and develop a bond, fostering a healthy relationship and promoting a lifetime of dental care.

Want to know more about what we can do for your child’s smile? Contact us today with any questions you may have!

Your Child’s First Visit

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The first visit is an important experience for your child. We want to take things at their pace and help them feel comfortable and welcome when they visit. Our dentists and all of our staff are warm, friendly, and patient, especially when dealing with young children.

We start with a tour of the office and treatment areas. Our goal is to help kids feel good about the dentist and see their visits as fun and positive. We teach them and speak to them using age-appropriate language, avoiding “scary” words that might upset them.

If your child is comfortable, we’ll conduct a simple oral exam. This will help us see how they’re doing and give us an idea of what kind of care they might need. We’ll educate and encourage your child on how they can care for their smiles. We’ll also answer any questions you have and offer tips and advice on what you can do at home to protect their smiles and promote a lifetime of good dental hygiene.

Our Dental Care for Kids

A child’s first teeth may be temporary, but they play an essential role in their future smiles. We provide dental care tailored to your child to help ensure their health long-term, not just today.

There are four main aspects of children’s dental care. These include:

  1. Prevention – We use regular exams and cleanings to help keep teeth healthy and reduce the risk of problems, especially cavities, which are common for children.
  2. Education – We teach kids how to take good care of their smiles in an age-appropriate way. This includes fundamentals like how to hold a toothbrush, when to brush teeth, and the importance of snacking in moderation.
  3. Monitoring Growth – As your child’s teeth develop, we carefully monitor for signs of healthy development, looking to see that they hit their milestones and whether there is potential for complications.
  4. Intervention – If and when problems do arise, we look for the most effective and conservative solutions to restore and promote a healthy smile. Common types of intervention could include filling a cavity, extracting a stubborn baby tooth, or referring you to an orthodontist or specialist for targeted treatment.

Fluoride Treatment for Your Child’s Smile

Fluoride is a valuable tool that helps to strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay. It helps teeth to maintain and restore important minerals, making it more difficult for bacteria and plaque to damage enamel. We use fluoride as part of your child’s preventive care to help their teeth stay healthy and strong.

How Much Fluoride Does My Child Need?

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Since kids need less fluoride than adults, it’s important to monitor their fluoride intake carefully. Overexposure can cause fluorosis, which leaves permanent white specks on the enamel. Fluoride is often found in community water and toothpaste, which we take into account when working with you to plan your child’s dental care.

Young children below age two should use a non-fluoridated toothpaste. Children age 2-5 can use a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste to keep their teeth clean. We keep a close eye on your child’s development and help you determine the right amount of fluoride to help keep your child’s smile healthy.

Teen and Young Adult Dental Care

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As your child matures into the teen years, we help them make the transition to independence and take more responsibility for their smiles. This includes encouraging good daily hygiene, evaluating their smiles as their final adult teeth come in, and discussing their personal smile goals.

A teen’s smile is an important part of their social health and self-esteem. We work with them to help them feel good about their smiles and be proactive about their goals. Your teen may even want to consider simple cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, especially before a big event like a championship or prom.

Dental Care for Adults

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At the adult stage, prevention and restoration are the primary focus of our care. A healthy foundation will not only help your smile look and feel good but will help it stay that way for years to come.

Protecting your gum health is especially important. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, yet nearly half of all adults have early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) and aren’t even aware of it. We provide a wide range of periodontal services to help your gums stay healthy and support your smile.

With good oral health established, we can consider your aesthetic smile goals. If you have something about your smile you’d like to enhance, we can provide personalized cosmetic treatment to help your smile look as good as it feels.

Dental Care Tailored to Seniors

Our dentists happily work with seniors to ensure they receive the personalized care they need. We understand the common dental issues many seniors face and can provide effective and appropriate treatment with patience and compassion. Whether we’re working to prevent gum disease, dealing with tooth loss, or simply helping you understand the changes you face, you can count on our team to deliver care that helps you feel confident in your dental future.

Quality Dental Care for All Ages

At Radomile Family Dental Care, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile no matter their age. We also know the importance of family, and our team of brothers, Dr. Mark and Dr. John Radomile, are excited to welcome your family into ours. No matter your needs, you can count on us to deliver personalized dental care for you and your loved ones. Don’t wait to give your family the care they need! Contact us to schedule your visit today!



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